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15th July 2005

6:27pm: The Parlor: Setting.
Fell's Studio is a structure made out of dark wood with a roof of canvas and other cloth. It's basically a really nice tent, as the whole thing is in the Nexus. A beaded curtain stands in for a door. If you look closer, you might notice that the walls look like they used to be furniture in some former life. The ceiling is made of other, more opaque fabrics on the inside of the canvas. It has the feeling of one of those stereotypical gypsy fortuneteller's tents; it's semidark and there are complex patterns and beading on everything. On the wall are small framed samples of his work; some of these glow or make soft noises or even emit scents. On the floor are a number of rugs, some very plush, and some just shaggy. In the middle of the floor there is a large, animal-skin rug. The animal it came from is unidentifiable.

When you enter from the door, you notice that the building has been partitioned with curtains and screens into three rooms: the one that you entered into, T-shaped, with the other two rooms defining the long bar of the T. In the large room, there is a cabinet to the left, and a number of benches about the edges of the room, covered in soft cushions. There is a smallish table between each one, with a pad of paper, a pen, and an edition of the 'Dabus-Common Handbook' on each. The Cabinet is where Fell stores his customers' sketches and samples. This cabinet is large and solid, and trying to open it will only get your hands burnt. There is a small bellpull next to the entrance.

In the room to the back and left is where Fell does his actual work. There is an opening in the ceiling for light, and what looks like a patient's bed is in this circle of light, in the middle of the room. Like everything else, the bed is covered in a slightly scuffy cushion, but it is about nine feet long, in order to accommodate anyone. There is also a small, kitchen-island-like cart, with a few devices and what looks like a syringe on it. He uses the devices to hold skin flat and the syringe is filled with a sleeping medication, for more nervous customers. On the walls in this room are a few blank skins, stretched onto plain frames. The doors to this room are usually open to the 'parlor'; people can see others being tattooed.

The third room is where Fell sleeps and such. Inside this one is a plain, low-set bed, a table for about 3 (the kind you see in the front of a cafe-- it is wrought iron with a grill top) with 3 chairs, and a cupboard. At the foot of the bed is a trunk filled with Fell's clothes. On the walls are a few honest pictures of various things, and a full-length mirror. There is also a small shelf with his personal effects on it. This room is heavily screened off, and is very much off limits to customers.


This is where Fell is when he isn't puttering about the Nexus. When he is not there, the main entrance is shut with a sign that says 'Sorry, but I am not in right now. Please visit later. I am currently' and then it lists where he is, magically. Quite useful.

If he is there, Fell will be inside the second room, 'speaking' images to place on the blank skins. It is best not to ask where he got the skins from.

29th June 2005

10:26pm: As many do not know of me (which is quite normal for those that have not come to Sigil)

I have, for you, some information.

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9:25pm: I am Fell.

I live in Sigil, the most-likely center of the multiverse, where everything meets.

I am a tattoo artist. I use my symbols, my words and my magic to seal them to flesh and metal and wood. They speak of a person's past, their present, and their future. These symbols are not ink, but rebus.

I speak rebus. As a dabus, I have no spoken word, but instead, written. I am well known for the artistry of these.

I am the proxy of the great Aoskar, portal-father. I am his . He is dead, slain by the Lady of Pain, but I shall bring him back, oh yes. I am the highest of his priests, but also the reason for his death. When I turned from the Lady to the Portal-father, she slayed him.

Not only was the Portal-father slain, but also many of his followers.

I was not.

The Lady needed him dead, and I needed a god. It works out, in the end. I shall being the Portal-father back, and then the time shall be right.
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